Company Information


RADS TECH established on 12 Dec., 2012. RADS TECH is IT Software Consulting & services Company. We are in business providing technology services and solutions to small and mid level companies, optimizing organizational performance by mapping strategic goals and objectives to IT initiatives. RADS Tech Pvt. Ltd. Instant strives to partner with each client personally to oversee that each account meets our customers' satisfaction, receives accreditation from our quality control department, and offers our clients the most robust and compelling services available. We provide dedicated support to each client personally.

Our creativity blended with innovation and our proven and flexible methodologies are providing our customers with recognition on the Internet and websites that do yield a return on investment. We work closely with our clients ensuring that each requirement is meant as well as their deadline and always work within the client's budget. We offer creative and innovative solutions to our clients through a process that is the most developed and effective means of conducting business.


    Is an Organization providing end-to-end IT Consulting & services with Quality capacity. It cognates the following business models offerings wide range of functionalities, which can be customized as per the needs of any organization, and is future proof. We feel that our biggest strength today is our ability to provide customized Access solution to each of our valued customers.

    We also focus on solution which is profitable for client rather than technology & cost effective to our client. We provide solutions for our clients to better serve their customers create new products and services, become a full functioning operation, streamlining operations and pulling all areas together to create a smooth success.


    We have wide experience in the field of Information Technology systems for various industries Combination of high skilled man power. Resources with the expertise in different disciplines help us to develop efficient and technically perfect solution & design during different Planning, execution stages and finally the commissioning of the integrated system. We cover the entire Enterprises Solution system under one roof.