Internship Program

RADS Introduce an Internship Program grass level of student. RADS vision student deal their job and opportunity powerfully. IT market to Marathwada in next three years .todays the employment is worst that produce kind of one space where all the people struggle their goal but they never taking responsibility for their goal and never take step ahead as per achieve their goal. Think your idea and just discover it into your skill that participate market to acquire these system to more profitable and gain new boundaries to touch the sky of business. The employment stand your own way of business and its divert old market into your dream market. You invent your own world from your skill and ideas.

  • What you get from RADS Internship program?

    AS our Team research about the todays basic need to crack your goal we discover some areas that today’s student need to make them perfect and powerful to create their employment .

    Stage: -

    The most basic thing which very important for student is to create their own stage where they can express their idea to invent new way of system that is another opportunity. In three years student use all their skill, ideas to create their own stage where they show their work.

    Research: -

    Another basic thing for student to acquire knowledge and research on it to create new technique to make their work more peaceful. Invent new technique or skill to serve new way of business.

    Availability: -
    Availability of professional and trend person to guide to path to move your own ideas and way to develop your skill on particular technology. The best practices to train yourself share your ideas and difficulty with your group so that create new availability of technique and path.

    Technology: -
    Here you develop your own technique and grow your technological skill. ability to work all types of technology and move any kind of logics design in any technology . no any limitation to work specific technology.

  • Associate program

    RADS Run associate program for enthusiastic fresher’s and build their own employment to invent their idea and make fulfill market requirement as they ruled and benefit as per trend.

  • Other Current Program

    RADS Welcome to IT career event.