Blood Donation System

  • Overview

    BDS is a Blood Donation Site which keeps tracks of registered users
    (Donors/ Paitients) details along with registered hospital and
    It is designed for Social cause.Healthy volunteer blood donors are
    needed for surgery and trauma patients, bone marrow recipients,
    organ transplant recipients, premature infants and cancer patients.
    To meet emergency and ongoing patient need, One donation can
    save several lives .

  • Feature

    1. BDS helps to connect Donors and Patients .This Site provides facility
    to users which canbe donors or paitient to register and search required
    blood or to donate blood .

    2. Normal user can also search, but he will not be able to see the
    contact no of people.
    Normal user can just notifyand a message will be sent to 10 people,
    that X person is in need of blood with “xx” blood group corresponding
    donor /blood bank/ hospitals can contact him on xxxxxxxxxxx mobile

    3. Hospital can search the donors with pin code and given blood group.
    Hospital can see the contact details and contact that person

    4. This site also provides facility to volunteer for good cause. A information related to ongoing or upcoming blood donation
    events conducted by particular organization/ Hospital will be provided,
    Interested person can join to volunteer and become part of great did.

    5. This site also provides diet information to stay fit and healthy.
    Basic information related to Blood Donation is provided to resolve
    myths and know donation procedure . BDS provides fast , easy and
    safe connection to save a life.